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Consultant, Coach, Dance Studio, Manager, Administration

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Romans 12:2
Dance Studio Consultant , Coach & Guest Speaker/Instructor

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Hillary Z.

I dedicated 20 years of my life to a local dance studio as first a student, then as a teacher and production manager. During that time, there were many studio managers; Mia was hands down the best one,

and here’s why:


Mia has been developing her organizational skills her entire life. She excels at managing groups, events, and productions in a professional, highly-effective way.

Mia utilizes the resources she has been given and maximizes them to their full potential, while always reaching for growth. Mia fosters a studio environment that is uplifting and life giving to not only the dancers and their parents, but the faculty as well.


Mia’s brand is built on the solid foundation of honesty, integrity, and growth. I have seen her live out these qualities both professionally and personally. I highly recommend working with Mia to reach your goals!


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