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THANK YOU: To my family for encouraging me in my faith and to follow my dreams. To my Thing 1 and biggest inspiration for chasing after this dream of mine and for never giving up on me. To my Mel & Al for always being there for me no matter the distance between us. To all of my instructors, choreographers, directors, studio owners, dance educators in my life...Thank you. 


THANK YOU: To Patricia Hoffman, former Owner & Director of Colorado Ballet Society of 20+ years, who gave me countless opportunities where I learned and gleaned so much under her direction from artistic to business. 


THANK YOU: To my counselor, Linda. Without you I would have lost faith in myself and my savior, Jesus Christ.


Credits (Photographers featured on this site): Dex Honea, BK Photography LLC, Melanie & Tyler Photography, AW Photography, 

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