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Mission    & Vision

Tendu (tahn-doo) adjective of ballet:

of or relating to a movement that is stretched/lengthened or held


It isn’t until one has reached their full extension,

that the Tendu serves its purpose for growth in a dancer.

The same can be said for

Studio Owners, Directors, Managers, Administrators and Instructors.

Let’s Get Growing!


Goal for You

My goal is to assist you in achieving your vision of dance studio ownership, management, administration or instruction, from the beginning stages of planting a seed through the peak harvest of your business or abilities.

Whether it’s fertilizing growth, or harvesting new potential, there’s more to the root of you and your business than you might think and I want you to dig deeper to grow bigger. 

Let’s Get Growing!

My Why

I’ve experienced burnout and heartache in both the professional world and my personal life and have learned that the two often happen simultaneously.


My goal for us is to be present together, assist you in processing the past, present and future, to discover or redefine your purpose, to prepare you for the promises God has for you in both your personal life and business to help you become rooted and transformed by being...




Romans 12:2 “ transformed by the renewing of your mind.”

Let's Get Growing!

Studio Manager, Studio Director, Studio Owner
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